Photography requirements for attorneys

Standards and Requirements for Lawyer Photos on the InstaLawyer Site

This document is a supplement to the User Agreement of the InstaLawyer service ( (hereinafter, the "Site") regarding the standards and requirements applicable to registered lawyer photographs on the Site and uploaded to their user profiles. Anything not provided for in these Rules will be governed by the User Agreement of InstaLawyer ( and its annexes.

1. Permission to Post Images

The user has the right to post their own image on the Service. The image will be available to both other users and any third party visiting the Site. The photograph must show the lawyer registered on the Site. Images of other people or animals are not allowed.

2. Photo Requirements

2.1. The photograph must clearly show the lawyer's face. Close-up photographs of the face and upper shoulders are recommended, so that the image occupies between 60% and 70% of the photograph.

2.2. The photograph must have a professional and work style consistent with the image and profile of the legal profession. Photos in "family", "recreational", "festive", or similar styles are not allowed.

2.3. Photographs of the lawyer wearing sunglasses are not allowed.

2.4. The image must be of good quality, sharp, and have the correct proportions.

3. Technical Requirements

3.1. The maximum file size of the photograph that can be uploaded to a lawyer's profile is 5 MB.

3.2. The minimum image size must be 400x400 pixels.

3.3. The following photograph file formats are compatible: jpeg, jpg, png.

4. Legal Company Profile

9. In the profile of a legal company, the official logo must be displayed instead of a photograph. The executives and employees of such a company can upload their own photographs in the corresponding sections of the profile, following the provisions mentioned above.

10. Removal and Restriction of Photographs

10.1. The site administration has the right to remove photographs of lawyers from their profiles if they do not comply with the established standards and recommendations, or if they in any way violate the design and style of the Site, as well as the norms of morality, ethics, or current legal requirements, including those images that are considered extremist material, that incite violence, or that have erotic or pornographic characteristics.

10.2. The site administration has the right to limit the rights and functionality of a lawyer's account if their photograph does not comply with the site's requirements or if it is absent.