FAQ for lawyers

What is InstaLawyer?

At InstaLawyer, you can offer paid legal advice to users all over USA, no matter where you are located.

How to become a lawyer for the project?

To become a lawyer for the project, you must register as a lawyer, complete personal information, indicate education, specialization, and provide photos of diplomas to confirm qualifications.

How to start giving consultations?

After a moderator reviews the application and verifies the authenticity of the diploma, lawyers can begin advising users. Site moderation is carried out within 24 hours.

What are the benefits of providing free consultations?

  1. POSSIBILITY OF GETTING A STREAM OF REGULAR CLIENTS Clients often turn to specialists who have already helped them solve a problem in the past.    

  2. FREE ADVERTISING OF SERVICES The more free questions answered, the more visibility the lawyer's profile will have to potential clients.

  3. DISPUTE RESOLUTION ACROSS UKRAINE On the portal, residents from all regions of Ukraine post their questions, allowing lawyers to get potential clients without geographical limitations.

  4. POSSIBILITY OF CONVERTING A FREE CONSULTATION INTO A PAID CONSULTATION If after the consultation, the user has more questions or needs other legal services, they are likely to turn to a specialist who is already familiar with the case.

  5. IMPROVEMENT OF RATING AMONG LAWYERS A ranking is formed on the portal every month, depending directly on the number of consultations provided.

  6. ACQUISITION OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SKILLS By advising on the portal, young specialists will gain valuable work experience with potential clients.    

How much can you earn from consultations?

The price of an answer is determined by the client.

Which questions are paid and which are free?

There is no classification of questions by level of difficulty. The client sets the price of the question to attract the attention of as many lawyers as possible.

How can I withdraw the funds for the consultation?

After the client indicates that the lawyer's answer was helpful and approves the transfer of funds to their account, the lawyer can transfer them to their bank card.

Hello, you need to add your credit card at https://instalawyer.io/cabinet/lawyer/default/settings-balance to get paid for the advice you provide.

We advise you to use wise.com as your bank card, it is the most convenient option for transferring money.

Why can't I provide consultations (no special answer field)?

You may have registered as a client. Additionally, lawyers whose profile and education have not yet been verified by the moderator do not have the ability to provide consultations.

Who can see my personal data (phone number, email, Skype)?

Only the project moderators can see your personal data.

What kind of answers are expected on InstaLawyer?

The complete requirements for legal consultations are described on this page, but in summary, the answers must be:

  1. PRECISE It is recommended to support the position with references to current legislation, which will increase the lawyer's reputation with the client.
  2. UNDERSTANDABLE In the answers, terminology as accessible as possible should be used or explanations provided for complicated definitions, allowing the lawyer and client to speak the same language.
  3. VALUABLE In addition to the legal analysis of the situation, recommendations for future actions should be offered to the client.