Here you can consult the most frequently asked questions about the operation of the website.

What is InstaLawyer?

At InstaLawyer, you can obtain qualified legal assistance from specialists all over the world, no matter where you are located. You can also find the specialist you need and contact them personally.

Registration: How to become a client?

To become a client of the InstaLawyer project, you must register. To do so, click on the "Log in" field in the upper right corner and follow the registration process (select the "client" registration type). You can also simply complete the "Ask a question" form and receive all the necessary data to enter the system in the email you provided.

How to verify a lawyer's competence?

In the profile of each lawyer in the project, there is a mandatory "education" field, which is displayed on the left in the profile. If the education has been verified and confirmed by the project moderator (the lawyer provided a photo of the diploma and lawyer identification), there will be a green "verified" mark in this field.

What is the difference between paid and free questions?

The difference lies solely in that paid questions are more attractive to lawyers.

How many answers can I get to a question?

An unlimited number of lawyers can answer a question. The client decides which of the lawyers provides the most complete answer, chooses them as the best, and then transfers the fee to the specialist's account. If there were several useful answers, the fee can be divided equally among the lawyers.

How to recover money if a quality answer could not be obtained?

If the client is not satisfied with any of the answers, they can write about their problem to the site's technical support service. The moderators will take care of the problem and review all the answers provided. If it really happened that none of the lawyers could help the client solve the problem, the money will be returned to their balance.

How to contact a lawyer directly?

Temporarily, it is not possible to contact a lawyer from the project directly.