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Personal Information Privacy Policy

1. Personal Information Collected and Processed by InstaLawyer

This Policy applies to all information collected by the InstaLawyer project and/or its affiliates during the user's use of the InstaLawyer website.

Using the InstaLawyer project implies the user's full and unreserved consent to this Policy and the conditions set forth therein for the processing of their personal information. If the user does not agree with these conditions, they must refrain from using the project.

1.1. Within the framework of this Policy, "user's personal information" refers to:

1.1.1. Personal information provided by the user during the registration process (creating an account) or while using the website.

1.1.2. Data automatically transmitted by the InstaLawyer website during its use through software installed on the user's device, including the IP address, cookie information, user's browser information (or any other program used to access the website), access time, and requested page address.

1.2. This Policy applies only to the InstaLawyer website. InstaLawyer does not control or assume any responsibility for third-party websites that the user may access through links available on the InstaLawyer website, including those in query texts. Such websites may collect or request personal information from the user, as well as carry out other actions.

1.3. InstaLawyer, in general, does not verify the accuracy of the personal information provided by users, nor does it control their legal capacity. However, InstaLawyer assumes that the user provides truthful and sufficient personal information in relation to the questions proposed in the registration form, and keeps this information up to date.

2. Purposes of Collecting and Processing User's Personal Information

2.1. InstaLawyer collects and stores only those personal data necessary to provide services (fulfillment of agreements between the specialist and the client).

2.2. InstaLawyer may use the user's personal information for the following purposes:

2.2.1. Identifying the parties in agreements and contracts with the InstaLawyer website.

2.2.2. Providing personalized services to the user.

2.2.3. Communicating with the user, including sending notifications, requests, and information related to the use of the website, providing services, and processing user requests and petitions.

2.2.4. Improving the quality of the InstaLawyer project, its usability, developing new services and features.

2.2.5. Directing advertising materials.

2.2.6. Conducting statistical research and other studies based on anonymized data.

3. Conditions for Processing User's Personal Information and Its Transfer to Third Parties

3.1. InstaLawyer stores the user's personal information in accordance with the internal regulations of specific services.

3.2. The confidentiality of the user's personal information is maintained, except in cases where the user voluntarily provides information about themselves for unlimited public access.

3.3. InstaLawyer has the right to transfer the user's personal information to third parties in the following cases:

3.3.1. The user has expressed their consent to such actions.

3.3.2. The transfer is necessary to use a specific service or to provide a service to the user.

3.3.3. The transfer is provided for by USA legislation or other applicable legislation, within the limits established by the legislation.

3.3.4. The transfer takes place within the framework of the sale or transfer of a business (whole or in part), in which case the acquirer assumes all obligations to comply with the conditions of this Policy in relation to the received personal information.

3.3.5. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of InstaLawyer or third parties in cases where the user violates the terms of the User Agreement of InstaLawyer services.

4. Modification of Personal Information by the User

The user can modify (update, complete) their provided personal information, as well as the parameters of its confidentiality, at any time using the personal data editing function in their personal account.

5. Measures to Protect the User's Personal Information

InstaLawyer takes the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the user's personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution, and other illegal actions by third parties.

6. Modification of the Privacy Policy. Applicable Legislation

6.1. InstaLawyer has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. The updated version will indicate the date of the last update. The new version of the Policy comes into effect from the moment of its publication, unless otherwise specified in the new version of the Policy. The current version is always on the page at the address:

6.2. This Policy and the relations between the user and InstaLawyer arising from the application of the Privacy Policy are subject to the legislation of USA.

7. Feedback. Questions and Suggestions

Any suggestions or questions about this Policy should be directed to InstaLawyer's Customer Service at the address: