Copyright (DMCA)

The administration of the InstaLawyer site, in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), will respond to any notification of copyright infringement and will take appropriate action in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other applicable intellectual property laws.

If you believe that your copyrighted material has been improperly posted on the pages of InstaLawyer and you wish to remove it, you must provide written documents in accordance with the requirements and procedures described on this page.

Warning: Please note that you will be liable for any damages caused to InstaLawyer (including legal costs and fees) if you provide false or distorted information about your copyrights. Before filing a complaint about any material on the InstaLawyer site, consult your lawyer.

The InstaLawyer information resource is publicly accessible to users and operates in accordance with the current legislation of USA.

The management of InstaLawyer does not control nor can be held responsible for the information posted by users on the InstaLawyer site. All information on the site is published by registered users independently, without any control by third parties, which is consistent with common global practices for publishing information on the Internet. The administration of the InstaLawyer site does not have technical or other capabilities to control the actions of users.

The administration of the InstaLawyer site opposes copyright infringement on the InstaLawyer site. Therefore, if you are the holder of exclusive rights, including:

  • Exclusive right to reproduce;
  • Exclusive right to public display;
  • Exclusive right to make the material public;

and your rights are being violated in any way through the use of the InstaLawyer site, send a message to our complaint handling service (in electronic format) in accordance with our recommendations detailed below.

Email for complaints: [email protected]

Important: Make sure to include in your complaint email (otherwise, InstaLawyer reserves the right, and you agree, not to consider your complaint) the following complete information:

  1. Information about the object of copyright that, in your opinion, has been infringed on the InstaLawyer site: 1.1. Name of the product or work: in Russian and USA. 1.2. Official page of the product or work, or source of the text on the Internet. 1.3. For legal entities/rights holders of electronic publications/computer programs/databases: copy of the state registration document. 1.4. For legal entities/rights holders of audio and video: license certificate (scanned copy). 1.5. For legal entities/rights holders of photographs and images: document confirming ownership or copyright of the image.

  2. Rights holder's data: 2.1. Full name of the legal entity or passport data of the individual. 2.2. Postal address (if the legal address and postal address do not match, it is mandatory to provide the legal address). 2.3. Rights holder's website on the Internet. 2.4. License to carry out activities (if the activity is subject to licensing according to the laws of your country). 2.5. Contact person of the rights holder (full name, position, phone, email).

  3. Complainant's data: 3.1. Full name. 3.2. Position. 3.3. Phone. 3.4. Email. 3.5. Copy of the authorization to act on behalf of the rights holder (not required if the person filing the complaint is the director of the company holding the rights).

  4. Complaint data: 4.1. Address of the site page containing the alleged infringement of the rights holder's rights. The link must have the following format: 4.2. Detailed description of the alleged infringement of the rights holder's rights.

  5. Statement of the legitimacy of actions (completed by hand and sent as a scanned copy). Mandatory for each complaint.

Important: The complaint handling department (including administration and management) of the InstaLawyer site will not consider the following types of complaints, and the rights holder accepts this:

If the video material, whose publication allegedly violates the rights of the rights holder, is physically located on a third-party resource, such as,,,,,,, or other similar video file storage services, and is only embedded as video streaming code on the InstaLawyer site page.

In this case, InstaLawyer does not violate any copyright with respect to such video material, as InstaLawyer has no relation to the distribution of such video, only displaying publicly accessible information (similar to how search engines do) that is distributed on third-party resources.

If such video material violates the rights of the rights holder, the rights holder must contact the original source and remove the video that violates their rights on the video hosting site.

After removing the video file from the video hosting site, it will automatically be removed (without any intervention) from the InstaLawyer site.

In this case, there is no point in demanding the removal of any video from the InstaLawyer site, but you should contact the original site that distributes the video. InstaLawyer will provide a link under each video file that will direct to the original site from where the video is broadcast, and where the rights holder should direct their complaints. This will save a lot of time for our complaint handling department and the rights holder.