Oklahoma constitution
Article XXIV: constitutional amendments
Section 1

Any amendment or amendments to this Constitution may be
proposed in either branch of the Legislature, and if the same
shall be agreed to by a majority of all the members elected to
each of the two (2) houses, such proposed amendment or amendments
shall, with the yeas and nays thereon, be entered in their
journals and referred by the Secretary of State to the people for
their approval or rejection, at the next regular general
election, except when the Legislature, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote
of each house, shall order a special election for that purpose.
If a majority of all the electors voting on any proposed
amendment at such election shall vote in favor thereof, it shall
thereby become a part of this Constitution.
No proposal for the amendment or alteration of this
Constitution which is submitted to the voters shall embrace more
than one general subject and the voters shall vote separately for
or against each proposal submitted; provided, however, that in
the submission of proposals for the amendment of this
Constitution by articles, which embrace one general subject, each
proposed article shall be deemed a single proposal or