Oklahoma constitution
Article XVII: counties
Section 5

When, at any time hereafter, the aggregate value of all taxable
property in any one county be a sum total less than two and
one-half million dollars, upon petition of one-fourth or more of
the qualified electors of such county, as shown by the last
general election, signed, verified, and filed with the county
commissioners thereof, not less than sixty days before the date
of any general election, such county commissioners shall submit,
upon the ballot at such next ensuing general election, to the
qualified electors of the county, the question: "Shall the
county be an unorganized county?" "Yes" or "No." If a majority
of the votes cast on this question at such election shall be in
the affirmative, such county shall thereafter be unorganized and
be attached to and be a part of the adjoining county having the
lowest valuation of taxable property, and shall so remain as a
district in such county until such time as the qualified electors
of such unorganized county shall, by similar petition and vote,
declare in favor of separate organized county existence:
Provided, however, That at all times during such unorganized
existence, such county shall have four terms of county court at
the county seat therein each year, and the judge of the county
court shall appoint a clerk of the county court of said district,
from among the qualified electors thereof, who shall keep and
maintain his office at such county seat: Provided, further, That
while so unorganized, such county shall, in all respects, be part
and parcel of the county with which it is united.